what's this thing all about?

What is oneth for?

Oneth is a social media app designed to unite rather than divide. This site aims to be the way to get us back to having a common parlance, a set of agreed upon conversations that we can all debate over together.

How does it work?

Just like other websites, oneth starts with people submitting links to content on the web. Then everyone votes to find the oneth article that everyone should read tomorrow.

How does voting work?

The community curates the articles by adding substantive questions about the content of articles. Each person gets to vote for tomorrow's article based on how much they contributed to questions and how well they've been able to answer the questions about today's oneth article.

Why is it called oneth?

The article we are picking isn't necessarily the best, or the first, or the top, or the latest. We want to bring everyone together to discuss something that is important enough for everyone to think about. We invented the adjective oneth to describe that idea.

What if I don't like today's article?

Well, that's kind of the point. The idea is that today you read an article that might not seem the most important to you personally so that tomorrow someone who might disagree with you will be reading something you believe in. And if you don't ever see things that interest you, then you can recruit more like-minded friends to come to the site and help your opinions get heard.

Why does the website look so simple?

Part of the reason that the internet didn't bring us together is that we don't have collective trust in the big software platforms that are always trying sneaky things. At oneth, we're against making things pretty to distract. We want to make our point clear so we've kept our site simple. Hopefully, everyone can see how it works. And if you think there's an issue, please reach out to me personally.